Our Story

It started over a simple cup of coffee in 2012. Our founder Jas Singh, suffering from just about every known food allergy, realized he was missing something – a tasty snack that he could enjoy without triggering another allergic reaction.

A short time later, the idea of an innovative new food company was launched. Rocket Foods Inc. took flight, adapting some of Jas’ favourite personal recipes to create the delicious products that Rocket Foods offers today.

Today, Rocket Foods’ product formulations continue to evolve and be influenced by its users, like triathlete Brent McMahon and others with active lifestyles, looking for quality nutrition, convenience and taste.

"Rocket Foods reflects my personal commitment to providing great tasting, nutritious and delicious food products that are allergen-free. I hope you will enjoy our products and I invite you to provide any comments and suggestions you might have at our Contact Us page and to join the Rocket Revolution!"

Jas Singh

Founder of Rocket Foods

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