Whatever Floats Your Oats!

August  08,  2012

People are finding varied ways to enhance their enjoyment of the Oatmeal-On-The-Go line of products. Though Rocket oatmeal recipes are designed to taste great with addition of hot water – ready to eat in minutes – some have experimented with a myriad liquid accompaniments, with some relatively obvious, others demonstrating good imagination. Some of these have included: • Cows Milk • Unpasteurized Cow Milk (May have to buy a cow) • Soy Milk • Rice Milk • Almond Milk • Chocolate Almond Milk • Coconut Milk • Goats Milk • Kefir Further variations on the theme have included letting your Rocket Foods Oatmeal cup sit in the fridge overnight in whatever you have chosen to float your oats. The result is your oatmeal snack/meal is in a tasty grab-and-go format. If you have discovered some further enjoyable variation on floating your Oats, email into Rockets and we’ll add it to the list, with a special personal acknowledgement if you wish.