Oatmeal Energy Balls

August  16,  2017 Oatmeal Energy Balls Makes 20 Energy Balls Our Energy Balls are a quickly made awesome alternative if your the type of person who needs an on the go snack! Healthy, rich and full of flavour, give them a try!   Ingredients - 1 Cup Grannys Apple Pie Oatmeal - 1/2 Cup Nut Butter (seed butter) - 1/2 Cup Ground Flax seed - 1/2

Delicious Quinoa and Oatmeal

August  16,  2017 Delicious Quinoa and Oatmeal 2 - 4 servings Need a quick easy breakfast? Try mixing together our Apple Berry Jazz Oatmeal and Quinoa for a healthy snack that will be sure to fill you up!   Ingredients - 4 cups boiling water - 1/2 cup quinoa (rinsed) - 1 cup Apple Berry Jazz Oatmeal - 1/2 Cup Almond Milk - Optional Mixed

Holiday gift guide 2016: stocking stuffer gift idias under $30

August  16,  2017 On a budget this holiday season? Don’t fret, I got you covered with some great stocking stuffer gift ideas that gift well and don’t break the bank! Woohoo!  

Granny’s Apple Pie Oatmeal: Allergy & Gluten Friendly Food Option

January  27,  2016 Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Gosling, and Gwyneth Paltrow have adopted gluten-free diet. If you are thinking it’s because they are gluten-intolerant, the possibilities are that this may or may not be the case. In today’s time, many people have opted for gluten-free diet to promote health just like these celebrities, but

Sick of Celiac Disease? Here Are Some Diet Tips

May  03,  2014 Celiac disease is a condition affecting thousands of people. Celiac disease is a condition which makes it difficult or impossible to digest gluten. Celiac diagnoses are on the rise -- partially due to new screening tools and education -- and many sufferers are unsure what to expect. Many people mistakenly believe that celiac is the same as wheat