Rocket Foods’ Products are Free of the 10 Most Common Allergens

January  15,  2018

Rocket Foods Featured in a Trendhunter Article

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Rocket Foods’ Products are Free of the 10 Most Common Allergens

By: Riley von Niessen
Jan 12, 2018

Rocket Foods, a Canadian food company, was founded by Jas Singh, who deals with multiple food allergies, and wanted to create more accessible options for others like him who were in search of healthy and convenient meal options.

In addition to being free of the top 10 most common food allergens, Rocket Foods’ oatmeal recipes are rich in fiber and protein, help to regulate insulin levels, reduce body fat, and are slow-digesting, making for a filling and satisfying breakfast and snack option. In addition, the recipes make use of gluten-free oats, micro-dried fruits that maintain their nutritional value, and dehydrated organic sugar cane juices.

To suit different consumer needs, Rocket Foods’ oatmeal comes in both individually packed cardboard bowls, and larger packs. Currently, there’s three different flavors to choose from: ‘Redberry Blues,’ ‘Granny’s Apple Pie,’ and ‘Apple Berry Jazz.’


Rocket Foods on TrendHunter - Gluten Free Oatmeal

Rocket Foods Gluten Free Oatmeal